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The electromechanical series works with programmable electronic management and is controlled by means of a multi-function remote control. It is possible to set up the irrigation angle with the multifunction remote control clockwise and counterclockwise; you can also regulate the rotational speed that is no longer dependent on the working pressure and can be changed independently for each rotation direction. Thanks to the "Just-Angle" system, you can set up a trajectory angle that is better adapted to the irrigation culture; manually or automatically with settings contained in the multi-function remote control. The (built-in) wind sensor, automatically adjusts the trajectory ideally adapting to the wind speed. 

Turbine sprinklers for self-propelled machine installation. Trajectory: 25 degrees. Opportunity for fast positioning. Perfect functioning on steep terrain. No vibrations or rebounds which cause displacement of skids or carts. Intermittent jet-disturber.